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Your SBI! Anguilla Conference Presenters and Facilitators are highly motivated individuals that have developed and created a solid and concrete e-business. .

The SBI! Anguilla Conference is a very unique and one time event. It will a true honor and privilege to have Ken Evoy founder of SiteSell, Inc. - SBI! at the conference. The Evoy's make their home in Anguilla.

Ken's expertise and knowledge will create an incredible learning experience for every SBIer attending. Ken will be doing two question and answer sessions.

Ken is a mastermind in giving everyday people the opportunity to create over time a successful online business. The C-T-P-M methodology is a proven success on the Internet today.

Presentations are prepared with the goal of delivering to attendees new ideas to enhance their own online business. Take a look at the line up that presented at your Anguilla Conference. It's easy to draw quality presenters to Anguilla Conventions. This Caribbean Island is such a magical place.

Claue Jollet, Quebec, Canada --online business owner and SBI! conference Presenter. Claude Jollet, Quebec, Canada
Online Business Owner

Claude's wife site is an SBI! site dedicated to the promotion of their Bed And Breakfast and their tourist region.

What makes Claude Jollet unique among presenters and, possibly, among SBIers. He is 65 years young - Joined the SBI! community just before turning 60.

French speaking from Quebec, Canada and fully bilingual.

Owner/editor/webmaster of three SBI sites: (since Dec 2005) (since Jan 2007) (since Dec 2008)

Also editor/webmaster of wife's all-French SBI! site

Featured retiree in the Sitesell Case Studies since Fall of 2007.

First SBI! sale 17 Feb, 2007

"Participated in many Sitesell contests, most notably:"

  1. June 2011 - "Universal RR_URL" contest - 1st place prize
  2. Sept 2010 - "The 15-Second SBI! Challenge" - Bonus prize (#14 out of 25 winners!)
  3. April 2009 - "SBI! eLearning Promotion" contest - 3rd place prize

  4. Dec 2007 - "Snippet" contest - 3rd place prize
  5. Oct 2007 - "Tortoise" contest - 4th place prize out of 5.
  6. Dec 2006 - "I Love SBI! Video" contest - Honorable Mention Prize and a "Special prize" for what Ken called "above and beyond contribution".

Retired from Environment Canada's Meteorological Services in 1997, after for 31 years.

Was for 10 years (1982-1992) Regional Manager of Environment Canada's telecommunication network covering the province of Quebec and Eastern Arctic (Baffin Island).

Was Officer-in-Charge of the Montreal/Dorval Weather Services Office for two years (1980-1982).

Even ran for mayor of Longueuil - 3rd largest city in Quebec, Canada - in the Fall of '86. Did not win ... but got over 6500 votes!

Holds a degree in meteorology as well as a B.Sc.A in Computerized Management Information Systems.

Holds a valid advanced-class amateur radio license since 1974 and still operates a ham radio station under the call sign VE2DPE.

And is still holding it together ...

Ashley-Cotter-Cairns, Quebec, Canada, online business owner and SBI! conference presenter. Ashley-Cotter-Cairns, Quebec, Canada
Online Business Owner

Ashley Cotter-Cairns appeared on the SBI radar when he won $5,000 for "most memorable video" in the 'I Love SBI' video contest five years ago.

He is currently the owner of ten SBI sites, including United Nations of Beer, Boardgame Beast and Python Printable Games.

He is also a SiteSell Services specialist, dabbles in home-brewed beer, and is writing a novel.

Ash has three sons, a long-suffering wife, and makes no apologies for anything you might witness after hours during this conference!

Don Coggan, Montreal, Canada -- online business owner and SBI! conference presenter. Don Coggan, Montreal, Canada
Online Business Owner

Says Don "After too many years in engineering management and sales, I left it all cold turkey in 1996 to become an Internet business consultant." Since that time, he's developed nearly 150 Web sites, mostly in English, but also in French and Spanish.

Although still a registered professional engineer in Quebec and Ontario, Don no longer practices engineering, preferring instead to focus completely on helping people build Web sites/businesses that really work. This means using the proven C-T-P-M methodology.

He sees this as yesteryear's work in value engineering tying in seamlessly with SiteSell's value offerings to its customers, all made possible by SBI! helping online business owners handle everything from precise and reliable keyword research to flawless site operation.

Antoinette Sawyer, Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa -- online business owner and SBI! conference presenter. Antoinette Sawyer, Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa
Online Business Owner

Antoinette is a virtually full-time webmaster working from home. (Except when she pops into her and her husband's bricks-and-mortar franchise business from time to time to do the administration or sets off on another trip with hubby.)

Having first started with SBI! in 2004 and after a lot of active input, the websites can now go on passive income mode for extended periods. That's the beauty of having a web business and the true meaning of freedom to her.

She's absolutely passionate about web building and sharing her experiences and is still doing one-on-one tutoring with a bunch of people on a continuous basis. Some of those people now have very successful sites themselves and are equally mad about SBI!

Having attended two SBI! conferences (and presented at one) she cannot overemphasize the value of meeting like-minded people, ever learning new ways of doing things and getting so motivated in the process that one cannot wait to get back to one's computer.

Erwin Steneker, Ijsselstein, UT, Netherlands online business owner and SBI! conference presenter. Erwin Steneker, Ijsselstein, UT, Netherlands
Online Business Owner

Erwin Steneker is an 8 year SBIer with a huge passion for excellence in customer service, palpable on his main SBI! site He's also a strong and steady forums moderator, with more than 7,000 posts.

His road to online success hasn't been always straight and easy, he found out that building an online business is hard work and at one point he dropped out completely. If it wasn't for his wife Marjan (known from the excellent support e-book, still downloadable from SBI resources), he wouldn't be an SBIer today, as she kept the site alive and brought it over the hump.

2,5 years ago, Erwin became his own boss. In addition to his online business, consisting of 6 SBI sites, he's also working freelance as an IT Architect and consultant in the public sector.

Tom Carroll, South Carolina -- online business owner and SBI! Presenter. Tom Carroll, Greenville, South Carolina,
Online Business Owner

Tom and his wife, Kim, are from Greenville, South Carolina in southeastern United States. He is a full-time SBI'er, working on his hiking-tips-for-you web business, and attending his 7th conference. But that's not the way it was at his first conference back in 2008 in Orlando. He wasn't even an SBI'er. He was just helping his SBI'er wife, Kim, coordinate the conference.

At that point he was working in corporate America. For over 30 years, he held variety of IT jobs at two different Fortune 500 companies, doing everything from programming to management. He had watched Kim build her web business, and was impressed with the tools, methodology and support that SBI! offered. Seeing Kim's progress and attending multiple conferences made it clear that a web business had the potential to provide a retirement income stream.

In March of 2010, hiking-tips-for-you was born, out of Tom's passion for the outdoors and hiking. It was slow progress. Like many SBI'ers, working full time didn't leave much bandwidth for building a hiking website. After a long day at the office, there wasn't much gas left in the tank for building a web business.

That all changed in October of 2010 when his job was eliminated. Restructuring eliminated a number of jobs across the company and in Greenville. It was time to retire from that corporate job, get out of the comfort zone, and put a real effort into the web business.

It's a big change. You're not running out the front door at 6:00 am, and returning 12 hours later. The home office doesn't have the same day to day, face to face, social contact that the "normal" workplace has. It takes a lot of self motivation and discipline to run your own business.

Life has changed, but it doesn't feel like retirement. It's a journey. It's a long path to building a successful business, whether that business be brick and mortar, or online. Tom has spent the past year, full time, laying the foundation for the future using the SBI! tools and methodology.

Kim Carroll, South Carolina -- online business owner and SBI! Presenter. Kim Carroll, Greenville, South Carolina,
Online Business Owner

Kim Carroll owned and operated a profitable off line landscape and design business called, "Inside Out." Bad knees forced her to quit her off line business in 2006.

Kim was devastated and wanted to continue to share her passion and knowledge of plants and landscape designs. She found SBI! in February of 2007 and knew this was a match made in heaven to understand the process of building a long term successful online business.

Prior to owning Inside Out, Kim worked in Interior Design, wrote a staff development program for a multi-million dollar child development center, and developed a music curriculum.

Kim explains, "I value all the knowledge I have gained through the years to understand the public, and the value of customer satisfaction."

In October 2008, she organized the SBI! Orlando Conference, June 2009, San Diego, October 2009, Cincinnati, Dallas, April 2010, September 2010, Chicago, April 2011, Tampa. She is conference coordinator for Anguilla.

Kim's online business continues to grow, all a result of the SBI! tools, following the C-T-P-M methodology, as well as her own desire to share ideas for inside and outside investments. It goes without saying that she loves to help other SBIers succeed in their online endeavors.

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