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The SBI! Conference organizer creates atmosphere and the ingredients for a successful conference The organizer should institute the philosophy to the planning team...
listen, motivate, teach, and learn.

Below are some general suggestions, tips, and guidelines.

Overall Commitment

  • Understand the overall process of planning and executing
  • Team Player
  • Motivator
  • Organizational Skills
  • Screen Presenters and have regular meetings throughout planning phase

Process For organizing

  1. Contact conference Web site of your interest in organizing a conference.

  2. Review guidelines with coordinator.

  3. Find hotel and conference room/s.

  4. Work out details with hotel.

  5. Budget will be put into place to assure money allotted to presenters and other fees.
  6. Post information on the forums and social media.

  7. Pick a theme - this creates the overall plan for the conference.

  8. Form will go up on conference Web site for call to presenters.

  9. SBIers interested in presenting will be screened for credibility and understanding of process.

  10. Regular meetings with presenters to develop and create a top notch agenda.

  11. Registration form for attendees will go up on Web site.

  12. Attendees will confirm and an organized spreadsheet works best to track confirmed attendees.

  13. Communication of updates regularly in forums, social media, and periodically will go in the SBIX.

  14. E-mail delegates once they have confirmed and continue communication with attendees as conference time draws closer.

  15. Finalize all aspects of the conference.

  16. Conference is here and now it's time to execute the professional plan that has been developed.

The organizer oversees all aspects of creating, developing, executing, and follow up of an official conference. He or she can come to the coordinator to ask questions, get advice, and to make sure the conference is moving in the direction which will result in a stellar event.

If you are interested in organizing an official SBI! conference in your geographic location, please use the contact form and send it to us. Contact us! Thank you..

SBI! conference mission statement may give you some tips on organizing.

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