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SBI Conference Presenters Guideline

Presenters are SBIers. SBI! Conferences deliver top notch presentations. Presenters for conferences have followed the action guide and instituted C-T-P-M methodology into their own online business.

The organizer creates the atmosphere for the overall conference. The presenters become team members throughout the planning process.

The motto of the conference planning team is Listen, Motivate, Teach, and Learn.

Claude in Anguilla Ashley in Chicago Don in Dallas

Process For Presenters

  1. Understand the role of presenting at an official SBI! Conference.

  2. Fill out the presenters form on conference Web site.

  3. Be able to specify what your credentials are for presenting.

  4. Presenters will be screened to make sure of high quality presentations for attendees.

  5. Planning team will be formed and regular meetings held. (via the Internet)

  6. The planning team will brainstorm and create the over delivering agenda.

  7. Presenters commitment is throughout the entire conference, not just their own presentation.

  8. Presenters will prepare a presentation/s to go on LCD screen.

  9. Presentations will be given to delegates one week ahead of time, in PDF format or hand outs.

  10. Presenters will help with facilitating workshops, ad hoc sessions, and one on ones.

  11. Presenters will get incentives by developing and executing a stellar conference.

The core planning team of any conference is the backbone to ensure a standard of excellence. The success of the SBI! Conference in Anguilla, November, 2011, was due to not only the core planning team, also the interaction of highly motivated attendees. Each new conference brings together repeat and first time attendees. The combination of both allows each SBIer to expand his or her goals, marketing strategies, and innovative monetizing techniques.

SBI! Conferences - your chance to enhance your knowledge in customer satisfaction and success with your online business. Plan to present at a future SBI! Conference!

A helpful resource is the SBI! conference mission statement.

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