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Local get togethers are done world wide. SBIers have the desire to meet locally and exchange ideas, network, learn, and grow in their online business.

The group may meet once a month, every other month, but the result is the same. SBIers brainstorming and learning from one another. This directory will help you keep up to date on all the local SBI! gatherings in different geographic locations.

SBIers Meeting And Networking


Lower Mainland get together

SBI! Montreal club

Vancouver (BC) area get together


Atlanta get together

North Metro Atlanta SBI! group

Arizona group meeting

Cincinnati, Ohio, May 1-3

Cincinnati, SE Indianna and N Kentucky

Minnesota Get Together

Ohio gathering

PA get together

Seattle Local Group


Scottish get together

South of England meeting

Switzerland meetup

first South Germany SBIer Group Meeting in Stuttgart

SBI! meeting Netherlands - 27 June 2009 (?)


Sydneysiders Get Together

New Zealand


CAPE TOWN SBI! 'coffee club' / discussion group started

How To Have A Get Together

Each local get together is usually organized by one or two SBIers.

One of the biggest challenges is to find SBIers in local areas. The SBI! forum is a great place to get started.

Meeting times can vary from each get together. Many groups end up meeting once a month, and others every few months.

How To Start and Host Local SBI! Meets

  • If you are the co-ordinator, encourage all participants to take ownership of the get-together. If you're not the one co-ordinating the event, please do take ownership and share your views on all aspects of the meeting, from date, time, venue and topics to be covered.

  • Remember that many people don't always look at the SBI! Forums, or might miss the thread. So be prepared to email them if you know their site to see if they are keen to join in.
  • If the meeting is not going to be in someone's home, then try and find a central location, with appropriate parking or near public transit. It should preferably offer free Wifi, be reasonably comfortable and have good refreshments available.

  • Keep it fun! Part of the excitement of the day is the joy of meeting other SBIers in the flesh (not just names in the Forums). It is so encouraging to know that although we are running our own businesses, we are not alone. We are part of the wonderful, supportive SBI! community.

  • Discuss on the day (or later in the Forums) the frequency of future meetings.

To read the entire TNT article you can go to, sbi local get togethers.

Any SBIer can plan a local get together. The group can be intimate of three or four people, or a little larger group. Here is another tip if you want to have a local get together. There are SBIers that work full time in other jobs, as well as SBIers that work full time on their online business. Think about having two different get togethers so both groups can coordinate times that will fit everyones needs.

Another wonderful aspect of these get togethers is the possibility of having a By SBIers For SBIers conference in your geographical location. Once there is a foundation built of a group of SBIers, a venue can be picked and your local group can host a full fledge conference. Network, learn, and grow, the result of local get togethers.

SBIers local get togethers, another enhancement to building a successful online business. If you are having a local SBI! get together go ahead and contact us and we will put the information right here.

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SBI! San Diego

Betty at Espresso And Coffee Makers
Each and every presenter added a new layer of information as well as their own unique spin. We were treated to live demonstrations of how they are accomplishing the tasks that we all need to take for success with our own web businesses.

SBI! E-Business Owners

SBI! Chicago

Ashley at Python Printable Games
No matter what level you're at, you will come away from an SBI conference with something more than you expected to as you arrived. Looking down the list of topics before I went, I thought, "Okay, there's one I could miss" -- and yet, I'm so glad I did not skip a single topic, because it humbled me to realize how much each and every person had to teach me, even about topics that I thought I knew inside-out.

We Are The Champions - SBIers

SBI! Dallas

Gale at Coton-De-Tulear-Care
Like many SBIers, I have a day job and a busy life and make excuses for putting off some of the critical to success tasks like link building. This will never get me to my goals. The conference re-energized me and helped me remember why I am doing this. I am an E-business owner and I am in control of whether this business will be a success.

SBIers Talk



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