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The mission of SBI! Official Conferences is to give the opportunity for SBIers to attend and participate in a two to three day business event. 2012 brings about a new high standard for official conferences. This new standard results from a robust planning structure, and a successful, quality driven conference which took place in Anguilla November, 2011.

SBIers are online business owners. Each individual is developing his or her long term investment for the future. The goal of every official conference is to provide a dynamic motivational atmosphere, top notch presentations, and valuable workshops for each attendee. Attendance at an official conference is an investment in an SBIer's future.

SiteSell has permitted the official conferences to use the Company's SBI! name. This is an honor for all delegates attending any official conference.

The mission of SBI! Conferences is to insure that the coordinator, all organizers, and presenters create a high caliber, relevant agenda. The result will be 100 percent return on investment for every SBIer attending.

Passion, knowledge, and the SBI! state-of-the-art tools provide the essentials for all SBIers to succeed. Each conference focuses on different aspects of the action guide, C-T-P-M methodology, current and new innovative business strategies and techniques. The format is a lively mix of over delivering presentations, breakout sessions, and ad-hoc sessions.

There are different opportunities for SBIers to enhance their online business.

  1. Official Conferences - incentives for organizers and presenters
  2. Informal Motivational Seminars focusing in on networking and peer mentoring
  3. Free Local Meet Ups - lunch, dinner, or an evening gathering

Official conferences are planned well in advanced through regular meetings with the organizer and presenters.

SBI! Official Conferences are BY SBIers. For SBIers. The new standard set from a test pilot at the SBI! Anguilla Conference, has made it necesesary for all official conferences to maintain or exceed the quality present in Anguilla.

Our mission statement is one that promotes the essence of our online businesses, Keep It Simple And Add Value.

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