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SBI Anguilla Conference Agenda

By SBIers For SBIers Conference is Coming to Anguilla

Ken breaking ground for his home Janice Nori Yuki

The Evoy Family In Anguilla.

The Evoy family would like to welcome the By SBIers For SBIers Conference to Anguilla. This magical island came to life with the birth of years ago.
You've heard about it, dreamed about it, fantasized about it and hoped for the success of the SBI! Anguilla dream. Anguilla has been an example of many things SBI! stands for; Passion, Freedom, Working Smarter not Harder, Thinking Outside the Box and Living the Dream.

This conference will capture how you can apply island life philosophies into developing a successful long term online business that will give you both financial and personal freedom.

Ken Evoy In Anguilla

Dr. Ken Evoy, we all know him; the man with the vision, and the heart of SBI!. He has inspired and guided us through our journey to e-business success. You've respected, admired, and listened to his advice faithfully.

The Evoy's Home

At this special conference Dr. Ken Evoy will be present, you may also get the chance to win the prize of a one on one session with him. To top all of this, he is even extending an invitation to a barbecue in his home.

Yes, you're invited, you can be a part of this special event that will give you a new focus for your e-business, new tools, new strategies, new vision with the added bonus of an island getaway that will surely re-energize you.

Whether you are new to SBI! or a Seasoned SBIer, you'll walk away professionally and physically renewed.

Anguilla conferences are always special, and here is the overview of your SBI! Conference:

  1. Take your Business to the Next Level - The Success Level

  2. Learn from Experienced Successful SBIers willing to share powerful tools, techniques and wisdom presented in easy to understand ways.

  3. Live Q & A by Dr. Ken - Founder of SiteSell - You'll have an opportunity for a one on one consultation with Dr. Ken Evoy. Priceless...

  4. Network with Like Minded SBIers

  5. And of course fun and play at Sunny Tropical Anguilla AND tax deductible (ask your accountant)

Shelly In Anguilla

Shelly On The Beach In Anguilla<

Save the Date: SBI! Anguilla Conference will take place from November 17 - 20, 2011.

The Venue: SBIers are literally taking over an entire property where the conference will take place. On your non-conference times you'll have the opportunity to relax and have fun on this spectacular destination with gorgeous beaches just minutes away.

    Yuki And Nori Evoy At Paradise Cove

    Yuki And Nori At The Paradise Cove Hotel

  • Location: Anguilla
  • Hotel: Paradise Cove Hotel
  • Accommodation Rates: We were lucky to get unpublished special discounted rates. Nightly rates are: $165.00 US plus tax
  • For more detailed and online tour of the property please visit: Paradise Cove.
Anguilla Conventions provide any business the ultimate venue and facilities to meet small or large companies needs.

Three Prizes - Register And Have The Chance To Win!

First Prize - 3 nights free in a Penthouse at the Paradise Cove and $1,000.00. Winner will be announced at check in at hotel.
Second Prize - free dinner for two with Ken and Janice at a 5 star restaurant of your choice. You pick the night and they pay the bill!
Third Prize - an exclusive private one on one session with Ken. You will get the best tips and strategies for your e-business.

The Agenda: This is one of the most exciting conferences we'll offer. Whether you are just starting your SBI E-Business Journey or you're an experienced E-business owner, we are preparing dynamite presentations to meet the needs of both groups that will exceed your expectations.

The Presenters: - Your Anguilla Presenters are successful e-business owners that know the C-T-P-M Methodology, understand what it takes to create a successful business, and are willing to share their knowledge with you.

Presenters will use real life examples as well as share those infamous "humps," how they overcame them and moved forward. Presenters are committed and motivated to provide each of you with new innovative ways to move your business in the direction towards success, customer satisfaction and personal fulfillment.

Head on over to the SBI! Anguilla Conference Presenters page and meet your presenters. The presenters will be giving you more details on each of their presentations in the very near future. The presenters will also be starting a new thread in the SBI! forums in the Have You Heard About It section. You will be able to ask them questions and get some key information about their presentations.

Conference Cost: $400.00 US

Conferences of this caliber typically have a cost of up to $5000 per person. SBI! Conferences are unique because they are By SBIers For SBIers.

Conferences go beyond the scope of the forums, with the great bonus of face to face individual attention, excellent presentations, and networking opportunities. SBI! Conferences is an All Inclusive Business Growth Opportunity.

We will have more conferences in the US, Europe, and Asia in the future, but Anguilla is a lifetime opportunity that will only be offered once!

Below is your agenda for the SBI! Anguilla Conference. We believe this conference will set a new standard of excellence for future conferences filled with memories for SBIers to cherish.

Thurs, November 17 Afternoon until ? Everyone Reception for all attendees
Shoot The Breeze And Partnering
Fri, November 18 09:00-09:30 Ken
Anguilla Conference
Unique In More Ways Than One
Fri, November 18 09:30-10:30 Don "What Does Google REALLY Want?"
Fri, November 18 10:30-10:45 Everyone Coffee -- whatever, wherever you like.
Fri, November 18 10:45-11:30 Erwin How To Get The Most
Out Of Your Business
Fri, November 18 11:30-12:15 Claude Credibility Before Monetizing
Fri, November 18 12:15--01:30 Everyone Lunch -- whatever, wherever you like.
Fri, November 18 1:30-2:30 Everyone Stump The Panel
Fun, Educational, And Lively
Fri, November 18 02:30-3:30 Ashley Overall
Small Groups Of Four
Reality Check - Cut To The Chase
Fri, November 18 03:30-3:45 Everyone Coffee -- whatever, wherever you like.
Fri, November 18 03:45-05:00 Ken Motivating Q And A Session
Dr. Ken Evoy
Participate And Learn
Fri, November 18 05:00-05:15 Kim Wrap Up Of Anguilla's
Paradise Day One
Fri, November 18 Evening Networking, Anguilla Style Everyone Dinner -- whatever, wherever you like.
Sat, November 19 09:00-10:00 Claude Your Next SBI! Site
Sat, November 19 10:00-11:00 Ashley Multiple Sites
Managing Your Overall Business
Sat, November 19 11:00-11:15 Everyone Coffee -- whatever, wherever you like.
Sat, November 19 11:15-12:00 Workshop Claude Facilitating
Conference Room 1
Exploring Reasoning
And Motivations Behind
Expanding Business Activities
Sat, November 19 11:15-12:00 Workshop Ashley Facilitating
Conference Room 2
Overall Business Plan
For Multiple Sites
Sat, November 19 Noon-01:30 Everyone Lunch -- whatever, wherever you like.
Sat, November 19 01:30-02:30 Don Overall
Small Groups
Your Business Plan
Beyond Bare Bones
Sat, November 19 02:30-3:45 Kim Overall
Small Groups
Nugget Hunting
A Mining Workshop
Sat, November 19 03:45-04:00 Everyone Coffee -- whatever, wherever you like.
Sat, November 19 04:00-5:00 Antoinette Google A/B Testing
Using Analytics And Beyond
To Attain Variety Of
MWR Overall Goals
Sat, November 19 05:00-05:15 Kim Anguilla Day Two Wrap Up
Sat, November 19 Anguilla BBQ- Evoy Home Everyone Dinner -- whatever, wherever you like.
Sun, November 20 09:00-10:00 Don Are You Scaring Visitors
Away With Bad Pre-Selling?
Sun, November 20 10:00-11:00 Tom Overall
Pair Up With A Partner
Quest For The Click
Creativity Wins Two Prizes
Sun, November 20 11:00-11:15 Everyone Coffee -- whatever, wherever you like.
Sun, November 20 11:15-Noon Everyone Results Of Quest For The Click
Sun, November 20 Noon-01:30 Everyone Lunch -- whatever, wherever you like.
Sun, November 20 01:30-02:00 Kim - Ken Official Closing - Look Beyond The Horizon And Ride The Wave To Success
Sun, November 20 02:00-05:00 Everyone Small Groups, One on Ones, Ad Hoc Sessions - Network, Learn
Get Out Of Your Shell

Go ahead and register now and embark on this intimate journey to look beyond the horizon and ride the wave to success.

SBI! Anguilla Conference Registration.

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