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The SBI! NYC Conference is April 26-29, 2012.

New York City marks the first SBI! Conference in 2012. The success of the Anguilla conference in November 1011, marked the beginning of a new aspect of these conferences.

We all know that developing and implementing a successful online business takes time and a total commitment. The conferences are all about a group of professionals meeting and sharing new and up to date innovative business strategies. You as part of the planning team, will help SBIers ignite their e-business to a new level.

SBIers are at varies stages of their online business, Established Business Owners and Developing Business Owners. The established business owner has already gone through the action guide, and implemented C-T-P-M. The developing business owner may be a new SBIer, one working through the action guide, or someone that needs some motivational and understanding of his or her overall business and monetization plans.

As a possible presenter, you will share your success and the process behind the success. You will have the opportunity to give to SBIers your expertise in the topic that you choose or one closely related. The goal of conferences is to meet the needs of everyone attending, including yourself. So how do you go about becoming a presenter at the New York City Conference?
  1. Fill out the registration form below
  2. There will be a screening process once you have registered
  3. We will notify you very shortly after you register
If you meet the criteria for presenting at an SBI! Conference the team work begins. We will have conference phone meetings to gather information and work together. You as a presenter, will have your conference fee waived as part of the new pay it forward philosophy with SBI! conferences. There will also be a few other incentives for presenters.

As a presenter, you are looked at throughout the conference as a teacher, a mentor, facilitator, and a professional peer in the SBI! community. The beauty of these SBI! conferences is presenters as well as attendees learn and leave with more innovative strategies to move their own business to a new level.

We are looking forward to possibly working with you and becoming a team member that helps create a highly motivational and successful experience for everyone attending NYC.

Go ahead and register now!

NYC Presenters Registration
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