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Your SBI! NYC Conference presenters and facilitators are highly motivated individuals that have developed and created a solid and concrete e-business. .

The presenters have followed the C-T-P-M methodology, action guide, and worked through innovative strategies to enhance their own online business Presentations are prepared with the goal of delivering to attendees new ideas, as well as staying focused on being user friendly, keeping it real and simple.

The entire planning team for the SBI! NYC conference is committed to providing valuable insights on how each of you can grow and succeed online. They also take high pride to listen, motivate, teach, and learn.

The theme for the SBI! NYC Conference - Your E-Business - Start Spreading The News

Here are your SBI! presenters for New York City.

Lori Krout--online business owner and SBI! conference Presenter. Lori Krout--Tampa, Florida
Online Business Owner

Lori started with SBI back in March of 2007, and began building her first site, that April. Though she had no prior experience creating websites, with the help of all of the great SBI tools, the Action Guide and lots of peer support, she has been able to build a successful website that is helping her achieve financial independence.

Lori is also an avid dog-lover, and chose the family dog as her website's main theme, with a spotlight on helping people learn how to find the right type dog breed to fit with their family lifestyle.

An artist, teacher and freelance graphic designer, Lori shares her love for good web design this year for her New York City conference presentation. Her love of graphics, images, color and easy-to-navigate layouts has led her to continue to perfect how to use design to help both herself and others achieve their “most wanted response.

In addition to Dog Paw Print, Lori has two other sites and is launching another this year. She lives in Florida with her husband, daughter and their three dogs, Guinevere, Sofie and Otis.

Lori's expertise in graphic design can enhance the look and feel of your business, as well as positioning graphics for content, Pre-sell, and monetizing.

Adrian Dunevein, Burlington, Ontario, Canada, online business owner and SBI! conference presenter. Adrian Dunevein
Online Business Owner

Adrian Dunevein started his first SBI website in 2005 and has worked as an SBI coach.

He has also taught the SiteSell Education course numerous times.

His main interest is in using SBI for small business.

Adrian will use his expertise and take you through Panda. He will describe and analysis the process. He will talk about revelations, changes made, and tracking.

Kirby Swinemar -- online business owner and SBI! conference presenter. Kirby Swinemar
Online Business Owner

"Kirby has been an SBI'er since 2005 and has taught the e-Learning program online as well as offline with the SBI college level course.

He was also a part of the SBI! Youtube team for a time and uses video marketing quite extensively in his on-line music business.

Kirby will be covering many aspects of video and video marketing during his presentations in NYC. Kirby will also lead a workshop on going after the valuable keywords to use for videos.

Kirby is an expert at the C-T-P-M methodology as well as successful marketing and business strategies.

Taylor Flanery -- online business owner and SBI! conference presenter. Taylor Flanery
Online Business Owner

Taylor Flanery has been an SBIer since 2008, after her third child was born. She started her company Flanery Companies, LLC, at that time, and decided that eventually she would like to make that little company make enough income so she could work for herself, so she could spend more time with her family.

In mid-2010 she finally made that dream a reality and now supports her family with her income from her SBI sites, along with home and garden and legal freelance writing, and as a social media and marketing consultant for companies, and other website owners.

She now has three flourishing websites, all related to the home and garden niche that she's so passionate about. Between all these websites she's got over 28,000 email subscribers, and over 16,000 Facebook fans. She has worked hard to learn how to communicate with her regular readers, convert one-time visitors into long-term fans, and connect and market her websites through social media.

In addition, she has worked with large companies, including Procter & Gamble, Purex, Rubbermaid, and more to review their products, and introduce them to her readers, including with paid reviews and giveaways.

Taylor has been to two other SBI conferences, both times as an attendee and learned so much that has helped her own business. She's excited to present at this conference, and to share some ideas and strategies that she's developed for relationship building on the web.

In addition, she can't wait to learn new things herself from all the other wonderful SBIers who have such great ideas and strategies for monetizing and growing traffic to their websites.from all the other wonderful SBIers who have such great ideas and strategies for monetizing and growing traffic to their websites.

Tom Carroll, South Carolina -- online business owner and SBI! Presenter. Tom Carroll, Greenville, South Carolina,
Online Business Owner

Tom and his wife, Kim, are from Greenville, South Carolina in southeastern United States. He is a full-time SBI'er, working on his hiking-tips-for-you web business, and attending his 8th conference. But that's not the way it was at his first conference back in 2008 in Orlando. He wasn't even an SBI'er. He was just helping his SBI'er wife, Kim, coordinate the conference.

At that point he was working in corporate America. For over 30 years, he held variety of IT jobs at two different Fortune 500 companies, doing everything from programming to management.

He had watched Kim build her web business, and was impressed with the tools, methodology and support that SBI! offered. Seeing Kim's progress and attending multiple conferences made it clear that a web business had the potential to provide a retirement income stream.

In March of 2010, hiking-tips-for-you was born, out of Tom's passion for the outdoors and hiking. In October of 2010 his job was eliminated. Retirement from offline came sooner than expected.

Tom speaks openly, "it's a big change changing from going out of the house to a stressful job to staying at home and doing something you love. It takes a lot of discipline to work for yourself. Working as a full time online business owner has allowed real progress in laying a solid foundation for the future."

Kim Carroll, South Carolina -- online business owner and SBI! Presenter. Kim Carroll, Greenville, South Carolina,
Online Business Owner

Kim Carroll owned and operated a profitable off line landscape and design business called, "Inside Out." Bad knees forced her to quit her off line business in 2006.

Kim was devastated and wanted to continue to share her passion and knowledge of plants and landscape designs. She found SBI! in February of 2007 and knew this was a match made in heaven to understand the process of building a long term successful online business.

Prior to owning Inside Out, Kim worked in Interior Design, wrote a staff development program for a multi-million dollar child development center, and developed a music curriculum.

Kim explains, "I value all the knowledge I have gained through the years to understand the public, and the value of customer satisfaction."

Kim is the SBI! Conferences Coordinator, and New York City will be her 8th conference organizing. She values and loves each day communicating and helping her online customers with interior and outside projects and investments. Kim also takes high priority in giving others the opportunity to learn and grow in their online business.

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