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Make Money Working Online
By Using The M=TCVR Formula

You can definitely make money working online by using the M=TCVR formula. This "magic" formula was revealed to attendees of the SBI! Conference in beautiful productive San Diego. Now here it is fully explained!

Do you have an M=TCVR plan to make more money online? Get it validated by your fellow SBIers! Just click here or scroll down to the "validating" part of this page. There you can tell your story, get feedback to make your monetizing strategy even better, and help others do the same. Ready? Then click here now to get started!

Formula Overview

The formula is simplicity itself...

M = T x C x V x R where:
M = the money you make in dollars per day/week/month
T = your site traffic unique visitors per day/week/month
C = the % conversion rate of visitors to buyers/clickers
V = the value to you of the product/ad in dollars
R = the recurring sale factor as a number 1.0 or greater

Two Powerful Ways To Use The Formula

1. Maintaining A Monetization Focus. The formula is simple. It's easy to keep at the forefront of your consciousness. With this formula awareness, you can ensure that everything you do on your site contributes to some aspect of monetization.

2. Setting Specific Objectives. Because the formula works with actual numbers, you can set specific monetization objectives. You can also use the numbers to evaluate whatever aspect of your site you're working on.

Anyone with a Web business wants to make money working online. The formula helps.

Maintaining A Monetization Focus

Create within yourself an atmosphere of constant awareness of each letter of the formula, and what steps you do daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly to realize your site's full monetization potential.

[T] Content drives traffic, so ask yourself this when creating new content. "Will it deliver targeted traffic I can convert into real buyers?" If not, rework it, maybe even going back to your keywords for something better.
[C] Looking further at content, ask yourself this question. "Will the new words and pictures I've created convert the targeted traffic into buyers?" If not, fix up the content so that it does the monetizing job you really want.
[V] How is the page monetizing? What's the value when someone buys or clicks? Combined with the traffic and the conversion rate, will the money you earn justify the effort you're putting into the page?
[R] The recurring factor may be the most overlooked thing in monetization. Is your page/product/service designed for a one-time sale or as the first of a number of sales you can make to the same buyer?

Fully understand the impact of each letter you're working on in every move you make to build your business. In time, you'll find yourself working naturally and maybe even effortlessly toward effective monetization.

You'll make money working online more consistently and possibly in ways you had not thought of.

Setting Specific Objectives

Being aware is one thing. Setting specific monetization objectives is another. Having a specific number constantly staring back at us is a great motivator. We'll keep working at it until we have the satisfaction of attaining it.

Then, once reached, we'll set another objective. It's human nature. Use the formula to set a specific monetization goal for yourself.

Formula Example 1

Here's a simple application. Make money working online? How much would you be making per month if you had these values for T, C, V and R?

T = 6,000 unique visitors per month
C = .01 (one of every 100 visitors buys)
V = $20 commission on every sale
R = 1.0 because each sale is a one-time sale

Simply apply the formula to calculate how much you would make per month:

M = T x C x V x R
M = 6,000 x .01 x $20 x 1.0 = $1,200 per month

Formula Example 2

Now let's imagine you wanted to earn more than $1,200 a month. Let's say you wanted to earn $5,000 a month. In other words:

M = $5,000 per month
T = the number of unique visitors per month
C = the fraction of those visitors who buy
V = the dollar value of what visitors buy
R = the factor taking into account repeat buying

So, if you had a product worth $50 to you for every sale, it was a one-time sale, and 1% of your visitors bought, here's what the numbers would look like when you apply the formula with $5,000 a month as your target.

M = T x C x V x R = $5,000 per month
T = what we want to know
C = 0.01
V = $50
R = 1.0

Doing the algebra...

T = M/(CVR) = 5000/(.01 x 50 x 1.0) = 10,000 unique visitors per month

This is a great example of using the formula to make money working online.

Formula Example 3

Let's look at an example of making money with AdSense and the numbers are:

T = 10,000 unique visitors per month
C = .05 (five of every 100 visitors click)
V = $0.60 average value per click
R = 1.0 because each click is a one-time click

Simply apply the formula to calculate how much you would make per month:

M = T x C x V x R
M = 10,000 x .05 x $0.60 x 1.0 = $300 per month

Onward And Upward

Use the simple math to monitor your progress. Identify your business's strengths and weaknesses. Take corrective actions. Become more efficient. Make money working online!

Use M=TCVR to focus and multiply the raw power of C-T-P-M.

Validating Your M=TCVR Plan

Attendees at the SBI! Conference in San Diego made some really great presentations in the contest for the best use of the M=TCVR formula.

Do you have an M=TCVR plan to make money working online? Validate it with your fellow SBIers! Tell your story, get feedback to make your monetizing strategy even better, and help others do the same.

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