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Write Pages About What People are Searching For, Not Just What You Want to Write About

by Lori Krout

From Lori, http://www.dog-paw-print.com

We all have a passion for the topics that make up our sites, and it is sometimes easy to only write about topics that interest you as the writer and webmaster for your site, but it is important to meet the needs of your site visitors in order to become a viable business.

To do this, you need to capture the traffic for the best keywords that point to your niche, not just the ones that are easy to write about.

When you do a keyword search in SBI's Brainstorm It tool and look at the words that are generated in your Master Keyword List, don't blindly delete the words that you don't think are easy to write about. Words that have a high Value Demand and a low Real Supply are all worth looking at carefully.

If you take a little time and research those valuable keyword phrases that seem a bit out of your comfort zone to write about and actually add pages to your site about them, you will capture the traffic for keywords that are being asked for but is largely ignored by other sites.

Keep your site organized and on topic, but branch out and cover related topics that people are asking for. Don't quickly dismiss them as too hard to write about or not 100% in your niche. If they are related in some way and good keywords- write about them! One of my really good SBI friends put me onto this (Hi Louann!) and it has made a big difference in traffic for me.

Fill the searcher's needs and make your site successful utilizing this traffic!

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