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Why I went to Chicago

by Melanie
(Toronto, Ontario)

Originally I decided to go to Chicago for one reason only...to get inspired again on working on my websites. I felt stuck like I wasn't getting anywhere...I took on 2 huge niches and felt a little hopeless. I kept trucking away but to be honest I didn't do much. A page here and there, some link building.

Well I got what I was looking for..not only did I get inspired, motivated and moving...I got to contribute to others which is just as rewarding.

I also got ideas that I have started to put into action, friends that will last a life time, and a great community of SBI'ers that I can contribute to and to draw on when I have a question.

I work from home. In fact since I got home I haven't stopped working, even with a cold.

There is no doubt that all SBI'rs should get their butts and their businesses to a conference...if not one then all of them!

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