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Why Did I Wait So Long To Go??

by Crystal Maleski

I'm cooking up a great e-business!

I'm cooking up a great e-business!

Can I tell you my head is still spinning! I think before I went to the Chicago conference I was more of a checker than a builder. I checked my adsense and e-mails more than I built content and links.

Not any longer!!

My brain is overflowing with ideas now of how I can improve my site, increase visitor satisfaction, and increase traffic. I have so much to do, I don't even have time to check how I'm doing.

I also didn't expect to make so many "new best friends!" I had so much in common with so many people at the conference that we instantly bonded.

If you can possibly tear yourself away I can't stress enough how much you will get out of going to an SBI conference. Don't think you can afford it? I don't think you can afford not to go if you are serious about building an e-business.

I am a fully committed e-business owner. Even though I've been a real tortoise, I'm picking up the pace. So, watch out Tampa, here I come!

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