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We Got Our Money's Worth and More!!!

by Marcia Reagan
(Saint Cloud, MN)

To call one of these SBI Conferences an experience is putting it mildly. It's a life-changing experience.

I thought this conference was going to be like so many other conferences I've attended in the past. I thought by the third day of being stuck in a conference room, I'd be bored to tears. Hopefully, I could just learn a few new things to make it worth the money I paid to get there.

The Chicago SBI Conference was not an ordinary conference. We were in a conference room all day, but definitely not "stuck". The presenters were great at teaching us what they new. The networking with the hosts, the presenters and the other delegates was non-stop. The positive atmosphere was unbelievable. And the friendships I made will last a life time. Not to mention the fact that I have valuable contacts when I need help building my website.

My husband and I went to the conference together. Even having to pay double for the registration fee, we feel we still received more than our money's worth!

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