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by Nancy Aingworth
(Columbus, Ohio)

SBI often tells us to "Keep it real!" So it was refreshing to hear speaker after speaker exclaim, "How could I have been so dumb?" "How did I miss that?" From the newest newbie to the seasoned SBI veteran, we all make mistakes. The encouraging thing is that we can recover from all of them--if we're willing to correct what we can, move forward, and learn from it. It doesn't help to wallow in our mistakes and give up.

The Dallas conference was even better than Cincinnati, if that's possible. But maybe that's because I'm a bit further along the SBI trail, and it all makes more sense each time.

We learned SO much about every aspect covered in the Action Guide. The AG definitely isn't just a once-at-the-beginning instruction manual. It's a learn-as-you-go guide to building a successful e-business.

Dallas helped me become even more motivated to be successful as an e-business owner. If you still look at your site as a hobby when you'd like it to be a business, you need to sign up for Chicago and attend with a mindset like a sponge, ready to soak up everything that goes on in classes and networking groups. I can't wait! See you there!


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