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Reasons Not to Miss a Conference

by Louann
(Greater St. Louis Area - United States)

Wow . . . I'm late posting my comments because I somehow missed this page. How can I say much more than everyone else who has posted here?

This incredible bunch of people made instant connections and bonded as friends within such a short time. (I'm sorry . . . I wish I could called each and everyone by their name at the next conference - but my mind is rather a blur at this point!)

The energy you take away is incredible. There wasn't a person in the room that wasn't eager to share stories, techniques and share inspiration in every way. No one held back "secrets" - but shared in such an open way you couldn't help but feel that they wanted your success as much as you did!

I was impressed by "impromptu" presenters who weren't even on the list or weren't expecting to have to give more than one talk. "Shooting from the hip" may terrify some - but I was amazed at the quality (and quantity) of info about social networking and the nitty gritty of building C2 pages (which I needed to know desperately . . ) presented during this sessions.

Although it's not possible to attend each and every conference - it's well worth your time to try to attend if at all possible. I guarantee you'll walk away with something worth the $$ you spend!

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