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My Thoughts on SBI Conferences...

by Wendy

As background, I've attended six conferences since 2008 plus SBI Bootcamp. You'd think I've seen it all, you'd think I'd say "Enough is Enough, Wendy", you'd think that thousands of dollars spent on conferences would allow me to stop attending and get moving on my sites.

BUT -- like retirement savings, or learning experiences in life, when IS enough Enough for me? Simply never enough... this is my motivation, goal, and income for retired life!

Every single conference has motivated me beyond words.

I am an introvert and was scared to death at that first conference (in fact, I only registered 2 days before it started!) My fears, like most fears in life - were totally unfounded. I found oodles of smiling faces:

  • SBIers eager to share their story

  • SBIers so darn enthused to "talk the talk, finally, with others who know their language, amazing!

  • SBIers willing to share their two cents on how they did whatever makes them special (we all know something other SBIers haven't yet grasped, whether on the techie side, art, writing, or simply about visitors!)

  • SBIers who teach others, simply by sharing... and unknowingly transforming someone's life.

  • I am mentoring a few SBIers from this conference via email, but guess what? Unknowingly, they are helping me right back!

    Guess what? I now present at conferences! Introvert? Not with SBIers!

    OK, I sound really dramatic -- but this is what an SBI conference is really all about. The interaction with presenters who answer your questions, will sit privately with you, is priceless... Unlike other conferences where they speak and disappear! The interactions of attendees who think they are only there to learn, but share far more than they ever know... awesome!

    Finally, I have many worldwide friendships from the SBI conferences. I love that! When Bahrain recently was in strife, I emailed Heidi who had just returned to live in Florida (then attended the Tampa conference). When the earthquake struck Japan, I connected with Honor (Tokyo Topia site) via Facebook and she had just moved to Uruguay (new website). Tracie from Tx, whom I've admired for years since her first presentation - living a simple lifestyle, and yet she is very successful online. I have so many friends across the nation, and worldwide, I could go on and on...

    Life is what you make of it... and spending a few dollars on a SBI conference will pay you back with motivation, inspiration, and SO MUCH MORE!

    I challenge YOU to attend a conference -- implement a few new strategies -- and just watch to see how your traffic and income grows!

    Many Many Thanks to Mary, Kim and Tom (her trusty IT guy/husband and also full time SBIer) for making this all possible for many SBIers worldwide!

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