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Motivational and Informative Conference

by Sherri Frost
(Florida, USA)

It's been only three weeks since I returned from the SBI Conference in Tampa.

As a result of what I learned, I have been more productive than I have ever been.

I have:

  • Added 38 new pages to my site

  • Put adsense on my site for the first time and I'm already making money

  • Added 30 new affiliate productS

  • Entirely revamped my home page

While I was at the conference I:
  • Shifted my thinking about my MWR to open up new opportunities

  • Found guest writers to write a page for my site in exchange for a one-way link

  • Got honest opinions and evaluations of my site

  • Learned more about keywords, driving traffic, linkbuilding, affiliates, working productively, social media

  • And so much more!

Without a doubt the best part was the camaraderie of being with other SBIers from beginners to the experienced. It was very motivational and has spurred me to take massive action.

I can hardly wait until the next one!

Sherri Frost


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