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Motivation and Appreciation = Attitude

by Tiffany
(Texas, USA)

It seems so simple...attitude is everything.

Many people who have read some of my success posts in the forums will have already read this, but it's true...I've been thankful for each visitor and each penny along the way.

If your heart is filled with gratitude, there will be no room for whining, complaining and wishing for more when you haven't put the time in to it.

For example the first month that I made around $30 - I didn't look at it as (only $30) instead I said, "I made enough to pay my phone bill this month!" The next month when I made $50, I thought, "I made enough to cover our water bill." $50 grew into $100 in no time, and again I was thankful because that covered my cell phone and the water bill.

I wanted this site to cover my car payment, and I never imagined it would now make my car payment, my mortgage payment, and some! It does, and still I am thankful!

Look forward, but don't forget to look at your small current success in a positive light and let that motivate you for the future. Always smiling...always thrilled I found SBI!

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Apr 03, 2012
Attitude Adjustment Time
by: Lorelie

Thank you Tiffany, great advice :-)I started to lose track of that recently. Frustration set in when the traffic went down and the income with it. But still doing pretty well. Time for an attitude adjustment. Keep moving forward...

Nov 27, 2011
\great tip
by: Anonymous


Jul 13, 2011
Sounds like you followed my path
by: Hervy

LOL, Tiffany, I know what you mean, I looked at it the exact same way and pretty much saw the same thing happen. I don't think I ever really thought I would see producing enough to pay real bill with just one site on what I saw as simply trying to give people insight.

Things are going pretty well with the site and I ended up buy a few more. Although I hardly work on them and they make pretty much no money.....lol

I don't worry about it. I know they will when I devote more time to it. A tortoise would leave me in the dust at the pace I am working on those.

It doesn't bother me a bit.

Your right, your attitude is what makes the difference in how life affects you in many ways.

I just want to encourage everyone to keep at it, if your putting in the work with sincerity to provide the user with quality, positive results and success are inevitable.

Feb 07, 2011
by: ELisabeth Constantine

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