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Monetizing Ideas For My Site

by Michelle
(San Diego, CA)

I got some great ideas for monetizing my on line business when I attended the SBI San Diego conference.

I came up with 9 making money on line examples (and learned more as other people spoke about their ideas).

My website is about guiding people who work from home or do so now and need more information.

An example I used for the formula was an affiliate product. I want to earn $3,000. Here is what I wrote:

M= $3,000.00
T= 2,128
C= 0.03%
V= $47.00
R= monthly

So, I would need 2,128 visitors every month to look at my affiliate link. 3% of them would buy and that would generate $3,000.48 per month.

The great news is that it is a club that will monetize for me as the person pays on a monthly basis. So, it becomes passive income for me!

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Apr 06, 2010
3% Conversion Rate

You must have awesome landing page and/or product to have such high conversion rate.. Do you already have site for this? Love to see it!

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