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I wish the SBI conferences were a week long!

by Tracie
(Waco, TX)

I have attended two conferences and my husband has attended one conference. If I could swing it, I would attend every conference!! It is impossible to learn everything there is about SBI and have a full time business, in my opinion. Attending conferences are the only way I see to make my websites better and better.

These conferences help me get my focus back on building my website plus teach me new things that I missed when I built my site back in 2006. (Back when you had to read everything online, there were not any video presentations, I might add.)

The relationships I make and renew from past conferences, the new things learned, the inspiring classes and visits in between, and motivation and excitement that is contagious at the conferences keeps me coming back for more and more!

Oh, and how much more money I make after I get home and apply everything I learned is added inspiration to return for more too. ;-) Do what ever it takes to make it to at least one conference and you will see what everyone is talking about.

Tracie Irvine
http://www.HcgIsHealthy.com (a work in progress)

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