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First But Not Last Conference!

by Suzanne Zapf
(Ashland, OR)

Why spend 3+ days with fellow SBIers at a conference?

For me, it was a logistics challenge ... getting round-the-clock childcare coverage for my 7-year old took quite an effort. But, it was well-worth it!

The presenters and topics were terrific. I now have a list of new ideas that I can't wait to implement on my site. What I wasn't expecting was the informal exchange of ideas during our networking time. (BTW, networking time went well into the wee hours of the morning). In fact, some of the best, valuable discussions were over margaritas :)

I now feel I have a close network of fellow SBIers and friends who I can reach-out to if I have questions or issues. And, I hope that I can return the favor by helping them too.

While this was my first conference, it surely won't be my last! Thanks Chicago attendees for making this a great experience!

Suzanne at play-acoustic-guitar.com

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