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Don't reinvent the wheel!

by Melanie
(Bellevue, MI, USA)

My website building tip is DON'T reinvent the wheel!

Find successful people who know what they are doing and then follow their formula, making it your own by personality and creativity.

When I began my site, I followed the instructions/Action Guide pretty much how I follow a recipe...as a general guideline. In fact I tell my friends that it is against my religion to follow a recipe exactly. :-)

But the Action Guide should be followed religiously. Just pretend you've joined a cult! Whatever it says, do it! It works. Period.

The closer you follow the guide, the quicker you will see traffic and profit.

For example:
In the beginning, I had all sorts of options for a visitor. Now, following the Action Guide, I never build a page without a clear idea in my mind of what my Most Wanted Response is. For instance, on the page below I would have put Google ads and other links. Now I write it with one desired response - for a visitor to find out more about digital picture frames.


Not only does this help direct traffic where I want it, but it is easier to write each page when you know the desired result.

All that to say, follow success and you will succeed.

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Feb 07, 2011
by: Elisabeth COnstantine

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