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Don't count the cost, consider the benefits.

by John

OK, I'll go first --- MacBam rocks!

We named our tortoise MacBAM. http://forums.sitesell.com/viewtopic.php?f=64&t=136389&p=810049&hilit=macbam#810049

I started the weekend as someone with 2 jobs and a couple of websites - I drove home on Sunday as an e-business owner with 2 jobs. A subtle but glaring mindset change.

I can see the rabbit and know how to catch it. (If you haven't read the forum post above you'll be sitting there thinking "Rabbit?? Is he mad?)

The work and thought put in by the organizing team (I heard them called the Fab Five!) was obvious with a good mix of presenters and something for everyone on the agenda with those attending ranging from novice to to expert. I spoke to various people who have attended more than one seminar and they still learned something at this one.

All the presenters had loads to offer but I was especially interested personally in
Stuarts ideas and link building techniques which were awesome - I could have listened to him all day (And with all due respect, he could probably have talked all day!)
The unassuming Gabriella turned into an inspirational powerhouse just bursting with enthusiasm and a motivational wonder. "Do you understand me?" D.a.mmed right I do!

The one aspect of get togethers like this that I reckon is undersold but definitely over delivers is the networking - meeting like minded people that actual knew what you you were talking about was brilliant.

That's the fun over for a bit - and it was fun - now it's nose to the grindstone and down to some hard work. (Stopping momentarily to smell the roses May!)

I had a long drive at work today and spent the time mentally setting some goals "this time next year I'll ... ". Now I just have to write them down, prioritize and, as the Nike ad goes, Just Do It.

Today I feel like I did the day I decided that building a website with SBI was the way to go. Revitalized? Like a coiled spring!

What can I add? If anyone reading this post is considering going to a seminar my advice is simple --- Don't count the cost, consider the benefits.

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Jun 19, 2010
Torti or McBam...
by: Anonymous

Torti or McBam.. either way, tortoising it works!
(hmmm.. is tortoise a verb?)

Don't you just LOVE SBIers!? These conferences soo motivate me every single time!

Woo Hoo! Wendy

Jun 16, 2010
I second and third that, don't count the cost, Just Do It
by: Melissa

Did not make it to this conference (Hi May!). But have been to 3 in the US. They are everything he says and more. Great info and terrific networking. I intend to go to more as my schedule permits. MacBam ??? In Cincinnati we called her (him) Torti.

These conferences are great. Just what is needed to keep you moving along.

Many blessings,


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