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Dallas Conference Presenters

Having a real online business powered by SBI! is the prime requirement to be a presenter at an SBI! conference. Look at this line-up of speakers for the Dallas SBI! conference. Imagine what attendees are going to learn and utilize in their businesses!

Don Coggan, Montreal, Canada -- online business owner and SBI! conference presenter. Don Coggan, Montreal, Canada
Online Business Owner

Says Don "After too many years in engineering management and sales, I left it all cold turkey in 1996 to become an Internet business consultant." Since that time, he's developed nearly 150 Web sites, mostly in English, but also in French and Spanish.

Although still a registered professional engineer in Quebec and Ontario, Don no longer practices engineering, preferring instead to focus completely on building Web sites/businesses that really work. This means using the proven C-T-P-M methodology whether in the classroom for SiteSell Education or for clients of SiteSell Services.

He sees this as yesteryear's work in value engineering tieing in seamlessly with SiteSell's value offerings to its customers, all made possible by a team of SBI! enthusiasts handling everything from precise and reliable market research to flawless site operation. He currently devotes 100% of his time to SiteSell Education and SiteSell Services.

Terri David, Michigan -- online business owner and SBI! conference presenter. Terri David, Michigan
Online Business Owner

Terri holds a master's degree in business and has taught at the college level since 1999. She draws on her business experience in sales, marketing, planning and project management to make the learning atmosphere relevant to real life experience.

Her unique ability to take complicated information and make it easy to learn adds to her enthusiasm and love for teaching. Her goal is to challenge her students to succeed beyond their dreams. She quotes herself as a "non-geek" doing "geek" work. If you can turn on the computer, then you can learn how to build a successful Internet site.

As an SBI! certified instructor, Terri is a pioneer in SBI!'s eLearning initiative having one of the first web-based training programs for Building a Successful Business Using the Internet.

Wendy Fisher, Shelby Twp., Michigan -- online business owner and SBI! conference presenter. Wendy Fisher, Shelby Twp., Michigan
Online Business Owner

Wendy has been employed with local government for 36 years. She is retiring just before this conference! Finally! Wendy says, ""My SBI! Web sites will be a second supplemental income in retirement.

I believe that Retirement and SBI! go hand in hand... keeps your brain functioning, and keeps some extra income coming in! I intend to make this my occupation (and my favorite hobby) in retirement. The last 25 years I've been a Retirement Manager at work, and I know the importance to have something to retire TO, as well as keeping retirement income flowing.""

Putting SBI! enthusiasm into practice, Wendy is the honorary SBI! Conference Groupie having attended four SBI conferences : Orlando (Fall of 2008), San Diego (Spring of 2009), Citadel Boot Camp Training (Summer of 2009), Cincinnati (Fall of 2009) - and she is now headed to Dallas!

Wendy will share Brainstormer with you... it's truly the base of your Web site building. Without Brainstormer, you are just another Web site...

Please note the SBI! Tortoise in the photo... "I got it in Orlando! Love it!" she says"I got it in Orlando! Love it!" she says.

Rayven Perkins, Livingston, Texas - online business owner and SBI! conference presenter. Ed Perkins, Livingston, Texas - online business owner and SBI! conference presenter.

Ed and Rayven Perkins together have four SBI sites, and are SiteSell Education Instructors at Austin Community College. Both Ed and Rayen attended the SBI! conference in October, 2008 in Orlando, Florida. Their interest in education was immediate after talking with Don Coggan, SiteSell Education Director.

By following the Action Guide, they were able to leave behind employment, and travel full-time in their RV.

They now live in Texas and homeschool their 8 & 10 year old children.

Sue Merriam, Arcadia, Texas -- online business owner and SBI! conference presenter. Sue Merriam, Arcadia, Texas
Online Business Owner

Susan Merriam started with SBI in May, 2008, with her Web site, Organic Gardening and Homesteading. Her goal is to match her husband's income by the end of 2010, so he can have the option to retire from his job.

She has a bachelor's degree in Journalism/News Communication from the University of Oklahoma and a law degree from the University of Oklahoma College of Law. She is a happily married, home schooling mom of three living on a small acreage with her husband, three children, dog, cats, goats, chickens and bees.

Latarsha Lytle, Texas -- online business owner and SBI! Presenter. Latarsha Lytle Texas, USA
Online Business Owner

Latarsha is an infectious passionate soul who has fallen in love with the power of web-building. For her, it's simply mesmerizing and amazing to follow along with Sitesell's Action Guides to end up with websites that actually connect her voice to the world.

Yes, Latarsha is very poised and practiced - she holds 2 Masters Degrees in business strategy, IT, and marketing, but it's her passion for web-building and web-building strategies that sustains her. Currently she has 2 live sites, one that's written for passionates who want to start their own business to impact lives, and the other written as a family site to speak to the hearts and minds of families looking to invest in solar power one-step-at-a-time.

She has passed her passion for web-building to her husband and their 8-year old daughter, and simply wants to keep building until she can produce income to replace her day job. Her eventual goal is to enter a PhD Program next year and build a lifetime career of studying entrepreneurial offline/online success strategies. If you ever catch her in the hallway, beware, her passion for life and strategy is simply infectious.

Kim Carroll, South Carolina -- online business owner and SBI! Presenter. Kim Carroll, South Carolina, USA
Online Business Owner

Kim Carroll built two SBI! Web sites in a little over two years. Before that, she owned and operated her own landscape and design business called, "Inside Out." Bad knees forced her to quit her off line business. It turned out that SBI! was a match made in heaven to continue her passion and share her knowledge.

Prior to owning Inside Out, Kim worked in Interior Design, wrote a staff development program for a multi-million dollar child development center, developed a music curriculum and worked at various other jobs. In October 2008, she oversaw the SBI! Orlando, June 2009, San Diego, October 2009, Cincinnati conferences, and is overseeing the current event in Dallas.

Kim's online business continues to grow, all a result of the SBI! tools, as well as her own desire to share ideas for inside and outside investments. It goes without saying that she loves to help other SBIers succeed in their online endeavors.

Some Dallas conference presenters also presented in the SBI conference in Cincinnati.
. Gurantee, if you attend an SBI! conference, the presenters are dedicated to help you move forward with your e-business.

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