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Chicago Presenters are SBIers that are willing to pay it forward with their knowledge and expertise. Any conference presenter volunteer their time to present something that has worked for them with their own e-business. We welcome any SBIer that wants to attend the SBI! conference in Chicago on September 23-36, 2010 to consider presenting.

We are asking for a half hour presentation followed by a break out session. The breakout session should have a hand out or a defined guideline for the attendees to use. The breakout sessions usually run around a half an hour. All presentations are done on an LCD screen, and written in a Power Point format. Presentations have the potential also to become TNT articles.

Below is a list of possible topics for anyone interested to present. Please feel free to come up with your own topic of expertise. Please fill out the form and we will e-mail you. Thank you so much for considering to present at the SBI! Chicago Conference. What a way to pay it forward to others, and help SBIers become successful e-business owners.

  • Any day of the action guide.
  • Reaching out of your comfort zone
  • Content 2.0 - your experience and 2.0 future
  • Monetization - what has worked and not worked for you
  • Social Networking - bring it on
  • E-books - hard copies, advantages of either
  • Utilizing your overall e-business plan to the max
  • Going from an off line business to an e-business - how?
  • How do you sell your e-business off line?
  • Different ways to build your monetization overall plan.
  • Number one goal - Customer satisfaction - focus on customers - not you
  • Established e-business- how to enhance your business to the next level
  • Any topic that has enhanced your e-business

SBI! Chicago Conference Theme

Your E-Business - The Future

Ready - Aim - Fire - What's Next?

Understand all aspects of developing and becoming successful with your own e-business.

Develop an overall business plan and monetization plan

Create innovative ways through content to build your e-business for the future.

Focus on the backbone of e-business, the action guide, C-T-P-M, Content 2.0, social media, and more...

It takes a team effort between organizers and presenters to create and implement the success of any conference. If you are willing to share, pay it forward, and spend the time networking and helping throughout the Chicago conference, fill out the form and you will receive an e-mail welcoming you aboard the Chicago Conference. Thank you for potentially presenting, SBIers attending will definitely benefit from your knowledge.

Chicago SBI! Presenters Sign Up
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