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Chicago Conference Presenters

Having a real online e-business powered by SBI! is the prime requirement to be a presenter at an SBI! conference. Look at this line-up of speakers for the Chicago SBI! conference. Imagine what attendees are going to learn and utilize in their businesses!

Don Coggan, Montreal, Canada -- online business owner and SBI! conference presenter. Don Coggan, Montreal, Canada
Online Business Owner

Says Don "After too many years in engineering management and sales, I left it all cold turkey in 1996 to become an Internet business consultant." Since that time, he's developed nearly 150 Web sites, mostly in English, but also in French and Spanish.

Although still a registered professional engineer in Quebec and Ontario, Don no longer practices engineering, preferring instead to focus completely on building Web sites/businesses that really work. This means using the proven C-T-P-M methodology whether in the classroom for SiteSell Education or for clients of SiteSell Services.

He sees this as yesteryear's work in value engineering tieing in seamlessly with SiteSell's value offerings to its customers, all made possible by a team of SBI! enthusiasts handling everything from precise and reliable market research to flawless site operation. He currently devotes 100% of his time to SiteSell Education and SiteSell Services.

Wendy Fisher, Shelby Twp., Michigan -- online business owner and SBI! conference presenter. Wendy Fisher, Shelby Twp., Michigan
Online Business Owner

Wendy retired in 2010 after 36 years with local government (25 years as a Retirement Manager, thus the website). "My SBI! Web sites provide a supplemental retirement income and also allow me to share my knowledge, which is really important to me. I believe that Retirement and SBI! go hand in hand... keeps your brain functioning, and keeps some extra income coming in , and I know the importance to have something to retire TO, as well as keeping retirement income flowing."

Putting SBI! enthusiasm into practice, Wendy is the honorary SBI! Conference Groupie having attended four SBI conferences : Orlando (Fall of 2008), San Diego (Spring of 2009), Citadel Boot Camp Training (Summer of 2009), Cincinnati (Fall of 2009), Dallas (Spring 2010). Wendy said "At first, this was a little odd, but recently many SBIers at conferences have previously attended. To me, this means it's well worth the cost to attend as many conferences as possible. We all learn so very much and just get motivated like crazy!"

Wendy will share "Outsourcing Writers" and "Social Media". Simple ideas to get the content you need and how to promote your site via social media.

Please note the SBI! Tortoise in the photo... "I got it in Orlando! Love it!" she says."

Cath Andrews - online business owner and SBI! conference presenter. Cath Andrews - England
Online Business Owner

Ask Cath Andrews to use three words to describe herself and she'll say, Italophile, Evertonian, Abba-lover, - but otherwise she's fairly normal. Having higher qualifications in modern languages and Chinese, but having also fallen asleep at an interview for international banking and become disillusioned sitting in a rabbit-hutch translating for the United Nations, Cath worked for thirty-two years in the Probation Service, initially as a Probation Officer and later as a senior manager. There she got plenty of practice in dealing with difficult people and became particularly adept at disarming machete-wielding offenders and Chairing meetings of psychiatrists. On balance she preferred the machete experiences.

Taking advantage of an early retirement scheme in February 2009, Cath has since divided her time between her homes in Southport, near Liverpool (UK) and a tiny village in Italy where she and her husband Mike own an old farmhouse.

Cath's love of all things Italian led her to start building her website in mid-2009. She would describe it as work in progress, and her main obsession in life. She enjoyed Chairing the SBI European Conference in Barcelona, 2009, and is looking forward to Chairing some of the Edinburgh sessions - hopefully without the need for her machete-disarming skills.

Melanie Farkas, Wisconsin -- online business owner and SBI! conference presenter. Melanie Farkas - Bellevue, Michigan
Online Business Owner

With a family that travels constantly, Melanie bought her first website in December of 2005, while on a trip across the country. She says, "I knew we wanted to keep traveling, but also have a home base we could enjoy and come back to. Many times when I have been discouraged, it has been this dream that has kept me going. What a thrill it was this year when my site brought in enough so that our family could get out of Michigan for the winter and spend time in sunny Texas."

While building her website, Melanie has helped family and friends start their own sites. First a friend bought an air filter business and wanted to revamp the existing site. Then her husband, Joe, began creating a site about his experiences building Appalachian style log cabins. Next a teenage friend wanted to start a site about her battle against diabetes.

With parents who were pioneers in homeschooling, Melanie learned to write at a very young age. She has never stopped! "Now I finally get payed for it, though." she adds. As an adult, she has taught creative writing at a large homeschool co-op, had a few articles published, done a little editing...and now teaches her own children (at home) to write.

Lori Krout, Florida -- online business owner and SBI! Presenter. Lori Krout - Palm Harbor, Florida
Online Business Owner

Lori Krout Lori started with SBI back in March of 2007, and began building her first site, Dog-Paw-Print.com that April. Though she had no prior experience creating websites, with the help of all of the great SBI tools, the Action Guide and lots of peer support, she has been able to build a successful website that is helping her achieve financial independence.

An artist, teacher and freelance graphic designer, Lori is also an avid dog-lover, and chose the family dog as her website's main theme, with a spotlight on helping people learn how to find the right type dog breed to fit with their family lifestyle. Dog Paw Print ranks in the top 180,000 websites worldwide on Alexa and is currently ranked 38,276 in the US. Lori continues to develop the Dog Paw Print site, and is also starting a new SBI site, called Dog-Pics-and-Puppy-Pics.com. This is her second time presenting at an SBI conference.

She lives in Florida with her husband, daughter and their three dogs, Guinevere, Sofie and Otis.

Louann Shenberger, St. Louis, Missouri -- online business owner and SBI! conference presenter. Louann Shenberger, St. Louis, Missouri
Online Business Owner

Louann began designing weddings from her home in in 1992 and went to work full time in a local flower shop in 1994. Although she later was employed as Radiology Technologist and C.A, flowers remained her passion.

She continued to work part time in the flower shops until 2003, when she returned full time to wedding design. Forced to retire because of health issues, Louann turned to the Internet with the intent on creating an online business. Luckily for her, she found SBI! With no prior SEO knowledge, she was able to built a successful wedding site with an accompanying ShopSite store as a drop shipping business.

Her SBI site became live on May 2, 2007 and during peak times actually topped over 10,000 uniques per day. She credits her success to the Lord for for bringing her to the remarkable tools and knowledge that SBI provides to new online owners."

Ashley Cotter-Cairns -- online business owner and SBI! Presenter. Ashley Cotter-Cairns, Hudson, Quebec, Canada
Online Business Owner

Ashley Cotter-Cairns is a writer, journalist and owner of eight SBI sites. He is the self-styled Poker Priest, Secretary General of the United Nations of Beer and Boardgame Beast!

Ashley's other sites include http://www.python-printable-games.com which sells party printables through a Share-A-Sale hosted affiliate program which numbers many SBI sites amongst its affiliates.

Ashley turns 40 just after the Chicago conference and is married to the artist and screenwriter Carolina Pla.

They have three sons and live in Hudson, Quebec, Canada.

Kim Carroll, South Carolina -- online business owner and SBI! Presenter. Kim Carroll, Greenville, South Carolina, USA
Online Business Owner

Kim Carroll built two SBI! Web sites in a little over two years. Before that, she owned and operated her own landscape and design business called, "Inside Out." Bad knees forced her to quit her off line business. It turned out that SBI! was a match made in heaven to continue her passion and share her knowledge.

Prior to owning Inside Out, Kim worked in Interior Design, wrote a staff development program for a multi-million dollar child development center, and developed a music curriculum. Kim explains, "I value all the knowledge I have gained through the years to understand the public, and the value of customer satisfaction."

In October 2008, she oversaw the SBI! Orlando, June 2009, San Diego, October 2009, Cincinnati, Dallas, April 2010, and is overseeing the Chicago conference.

Kim's online business continues to grow, all a result of the SBI! tools, as well as her own desire to share ideas for inside and outside investments. It goes without saying that she loves to help other SBIers succeed in their online endeavors.


Some Chicago conference presenters also presented in the SBI conference in Dallas.
. Some of these presenters have also presented in San Diego, Orlando, Cincinnati and Edinburgh. Gurantee, if you attend an SBI! conference, the presenters are dedicated to help you move forward with your e-business.

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