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Better Than I Could Have Imagined.

by Tiffany from www.quick-and-easy-dinner.com
(Texas, USA)

Chicago Skyline

Chicago Skyline

WOW! I've been wanting to attend an SBI Conference since I first signed on to the this gig in Dec 2007. For one reason or another I never could make it. I thought I could attend Dallas in April of 2010, but simply could not find child care. When Dallas came/went my hopes of attending another conference diminished. Dallas was only a 4 hour drive from here, and I could have just had to pay the conference fee and the hotel.

Imagine my surprise when I began mentioning Chicago to my husband in July, and he said, "Just book it, we'll figure out the rest later." I waited a day or two, and then I did it. I jumped in, paid for the conference, reserved a room, and bought an airline ticket. When my husband came home that night, I think he was a little surprised when I told him what I did. (Will teach him to tell me "just do it")

The Chicago Conference was all of that and some. Kim & Tom worked very hard to make this conference a huge success. The presenters were awesome; they shared their knowledge and expertise not only during conference hours, but continuing on after hours answering countless questions over and over again.

I never imagined the benefits of the conference would continue on long past the end of those few days. Our group is still providing help, resources, and support to each other 2 weeks later with no end in sight!

I no longer feel alone in this journey, because I have friends that are simply an email away, ready and willing to help and support me. This is priceless! This was worth MORE than the entire cost of the conference!

You can count me in time and time again. The SBI Conferences are now a "must attend" event on my agenda.

The conclusion - don't hesitate, even for a second, to book an SBI Conference! The return on your investment will far exceed your expectations.

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