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Autoresponders and turning a click into something more

by Jody

If you have knowledge about something people want to know, write several several series of autoresponders with 7 sequential emails.

Stuck? cant think of anything to write about?

Use this technique....

7 Myths about ________exposed...Learn how to _______ in 7 days...7 great lies about_________...

get the idea? This stuff should be good original content and the emails should not give away the whole story...at least not after the first email.

Your job in every autoresponder email you write is to make the reader want to read the next one. That's it. Keep this in mind and you wont pitch the hard sale, and you wont write crap or pap.

Train the reader to go back to your website often by offering good information in emails that gets even better when they click to your site.

Turn a click ...a stranger...into someone who knows you, likes you , and trusts you.

Build a list of these folks ...ask them what they want and give it to them and now you have a real asset.

this in a nutshell is how I made it work for me,

Jody Collier --- weldingtipsandtricks.com

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