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2nd Conference = More Friends & Great Ideas

by Sandee Lembke
(Chicago, IL)

Datz Deli, Tampa FL

Datz Deli, Tampa FL

Attending the Chicago conference was a no brainer for me as it was so close to my house, but when it came time to decide whether or not to attend the Tampa conference, I had to think on it a bit.

What would I learn, I wondered. Who would I meet? Would I see some old friends? Well I am so glad I decided to attend my 2nd SBI conference.

I re-newed several friendships, made many more new ones and learned so much that my fingers have been tapping away ever since I got back! In fact, my right hand is all cramped up as I type, type, type away on this entry.

It is always so inspiring to be around people who get what I am doing. No need to spend 15 minutes describing what I do. Nope, it's just easy, networking with a great bunch of people who ALL have something to share. From the presenters right down to the people who haven't even chosen a domain name yet. We can all learn something from these conferences and I will be forever grateful that I attended Chicago and Tampa.

Sandee Lembke

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